Palestine Legal in the Media: Anti-Boycott Legislation

Palestine Legal has been mentioned and quoted in the media on the urgent issue of anti-boycott legislation and our First Amendment right to boycott for Palestinian rights in the past couple weeks.

Staff Attorney Zoha Khalili wrote this opinion piece in the Houston Chronicle about Texas’s unconstitutional anti-boycott law.

Director Dima Khalidi was quoted in this Kentucky Public Radio report on the governor’s anti-boycott executive order.

Our legislative research on anti-boycott laws was cited in:

  • this Los Angeles Times editorial supporting the right to boycott.

  • this Reuters article about Israel’s efforts to attack Airbnb’s decision to remove listings in illegal Israeli settlements.

  • this Intercept article about Congress’s secretive attempt to get the Israel Anti-Boycott Act into an end-of-year spending bill.

  • this Independent article about Bahia Amawi’s lawsuit against an anti-boycott law in Texas.

  • this Jacobin piece about the bipartisan assault on our free speech right to criticize Israel in the U.S.

  • this Middle East Eye article on Rashida Tlaib, the second person in Congress to openly support Boycott, Divestment and Sanction.