Angela Davis Is the Latest Target of Systemic Suppression


The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute (BCRI)’s decision to rescind an honor previously extended to Angela Davis is only the latest incident in a well-documented nationwide campaign to censor and punish critics of Israel.

Davis joins a long list of scholars and activists who have been censored, fired, de-funded, defamed, harassed and targeted with frivolous litigation because of concerted efforts by the Israeli government and anti-Palestinian organizations in the U.S. to silence debate. Marc Lamont Hill was not alone. Neither is Angela Davis.

BCRI similarly joins a long list of institutions that have rescinded benefits or otherwise punished critics of Israel in response to pressure from the Israeli government and anti-Palestinian organizations in the U.S.

Exactly who pressured BCRI, and what complaints they made about Davis, are still coming to light. But the pattern of censorship targeting Israel’s critics is already well documented. So are attempts by Israeli government officials to divide black leaders and suppress those who draw connections between freedom struggles of black Americans and Palestinians.

Palestine Legal condemns the predictable and painful irony that a civil rights institution has revoked an award to Davis because she stands for civil rights everywhere, for everyone. From Ferguson to Standing Rock to Palestine, from every river to every sea.

Angela Davis is an icon and inspiration to a generation of human rights defenders, and we will continue to honor her legacy and the lessons of her life’s work towards indivisible justice. #IStandWithAngela

Read Davis’ statement here.