Palestine Legal's 2017 Social Media Highlights

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As 2017 nears its end, we look back at our most popular social media and website posts. They reflect this moment of intensifying suppression by Israel advocacy groups aligned with the Trump administration’s anti-civil rights and anti-civil liberties agenda. They highlight some of the more egregious cases we’ve confronted this year – from Israeli soldiers harassing UCI students on campus, to Fordham students being denied the chance to form an SJP, to a bogus lawsuit against SFSU. And they remind us of the challenges we’re sure to face next year, if the U.S. Senate votes to confirm anti-Palestinian crusader Kenneth Marcus to a top civil rights post at the U.S. Department of Education.

We look forward to another year of exposing Israel groups’ suppression agenda, and protecting your rights to advocate for Palestinian freedom!

Top five website posts

1. Fordham Retaliates Against Student for Protesting SJP Ban
2. Rights Groups Demand UCI Address Campus Harassment of Students by IDF Soldiers
3. BDS Advocates Receive Bogus “Cease and Desist” Letters Citing Failed NY Anti-BDS Legislation
4. Prominent Jewish Studies Scholars File Amicus in Support of SFSU and Dr. Abdulhadi
5. Fordham Student Forced into Closed-door Hearing, Leaves in Protest

Top five Facebook posts

Top five tweets