Statement on Family Separation



Abuses happening at the U.S. border have horrified us. The unspeakable inhumanity of children being torn from their parents and caged because their families fled from brutal violence and sought safety for their children is one appalling sign of how bad things have gotten.

We know this kind of family separation happens in Palestine – at borders, with walls, and with the widespread and abusive detention of hundreds of Palestinian children every year. And we know that the U.S. and Israeli governments are now aligned in their regressive “values” more than ever before.

We are committed to protecting our rights here to protest the unbearable injustices happening in the U.S. and in Palestine. Trump’s agenda – through extreme actions like family separations,  through support for proliferating anti-protest laws, through his appointment of anti-Palestinian crusader Kenneth Marcus and more – is to shut down our dissent. We stand and fight with the many resisting this agenda every day.

Call your representative tell them to stop Speaker Ryan's anti-immigrant bill.