Radhika Sainath on Fordham Victory in +972 Magazine

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Senior staff attorney Radhika Sainath reflects on the legal case against Fordham University’s ban on Students for Justice in Palestine for +972 Magazine:

What this decision means is that private universities – which are not bound by the First Amendment – are on notice that if they boast about their commitment to justice and human rights, they can’t discard their promises because some people disagree with whose human rights you’re advocating for.

Though Fordham’s behavior was appalling here – can you imagine a university asking Christian faculty members their opinion on whether to allow a Queer Alliance or reproductive rights group to form on campus? – it’s no secret that supporting Palestinian rights, criticizing the State of Israel or boycotting companies complicit in Israel’s violations of international law will get you singled out for special [mis]treatment in this country.

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