Kristian Davis Bailey in Colorlines

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Communications manager Kristian Davis Bailey published an op-ed in Colorlines - on the anti-boycott resolution and state of boycott challenges more broadly:

I know firsthand the impact of anti-boycott resolutions. In 2015, I was racially profiled, falsely accused, and arrested by Israel while trying to enter the West Bank to speak about Black support for Palestinian rights, including BDS. Since then, Israel has passed a law banning any proponents of BDS—a nonviolent, free speech movement—from entering Israel or the occupied West Bank. 

The new House resolution gives cover to these right wing attacks on the right to protest. 

I now work for Palestine Legal, which tracks anti-boycott legislation and offers legal support to activists facing censorship. These anti-boycott measures are a harbinger of broader attacks on activism and protest. In our current climate, it is of the utmost importance to protect human rights advocacy and dissent.

Read Kristian's full op-ed at Colorlines.