Dima Khalidi on Center for Investigative Reporting podcast


Palestine Legal founder and director Dima Khalidi was interviewed on the Reveal podcast about “The Right to Boycott.” Reveal is a project of the Center for Investigative Reporting.

Journalist Julia Simon asked Dima to respond to Sen. Marc Rubio’s claim that the government has a right to boycott people who choose to boycott Israel.

“That misses the entire purpose of the first amendment, which is to protect us against government interference in our First Amendment activities,” Dima said. “What will be next? If this boycott is unpalatable to our elected representatives, what is the next one that will be? You can imagine that they don’t approve of a lot of boycotts and activism that happens. So [it’s] really important to understand that punishing one kind of boycott really affects all of our First Amendment rights. “

The episode aired on NPR affiliates around the country.