Our News: FBI, Kenneth Marcus, and Anti-Boycott Bills

We collected a few highlights of recent media coverage tackling issues affecting Palestine advocates:  

Staff attorney Zoha Khalili spoke with David Lloyd about Palestine Legal's work challenging the suppression of Palestine activism on KPFK's SWANA Region Radio. Listen above or here

Staff attorney Liz Jackson contributed to an investigative piece in The Intercept exposing the connections between Canary Mission and the FBI:

“This is where Islamophobic, ‘alt-right,’ Zionist harassers in the private sphere intersect with government suppression — your worst nightmare of the government and its law enforcement apparatus, which is already in widespread violation of basic civil rights, responding to the most racist elements of society demanding a crackdown on political expression.”

Click here to read the full article. 

Staff attorney Liz Jackson discussed the incarceration of immigrant children and the confirmation of Kenneth Marcus as Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights in the Department of Education with Jamal Dajani on Arab Talk Radio. Listen above or here

Staff attorney Rahul Saksena spoke about anti-boycott legislation, Kenneth Marcus, and more with Samar Jarrah on True Talk. Listen above or here

Staff attorney Rahul Saksena spoke about his experience visiting occupied Palestine in May, anti-BDS legislation in the U.S., and the reintroduction of the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act in Congress on Arab Voices. Listen above or here