Palestine Legal’s 2018 Social Media Highlights

As 2018 closes out, we look back at our most popular posts on social media. These posts highlight brazen efforts to censor the movement for Palestinian rights. They also show the resilience of the movement against these attacks, and the growing public understanding of the suppression we are exposing.

You’ll find stories of activists who were attacked or had their travel restricted because of Canary Mission’s smear campaigns. You’ll also see overwhelming support for activists, from Professor Marc Lamont Hill after CNN fired him to a Palestinian student at Stanford University who was made to apologize for expressing outrage at a blatantly discriminatory Israeli law. You’ll see that our lawsuit challenging censorship at Fordham University garnered national attention on Democracy Now!, and you’ll find resources for activists who have been targeted by the FBI.

We expect more censorship in 2019, but no matter what happens, we will continue to protect your right to speak out for Palestinian freedom.

Top five tweets

Top five Facebook posts