Statement on Muslim Ban 2.0

Masha George/FlickrCommons

Masha George/FlickrCommons

In the wake of Muslim Ban 2.0, Palestine Legal renews our opposition to the Trump administration’s racist and anti-Muslim agenda. We stand with the people resisting the administration’s executive orders aimed at banning Muslims, dividing immigrant families, bolstering the militarization and impunity of police, and hurting communities of color. We are confident that the courts will block the Muslim Ban 2.0 as they did the first.

The announcement of the new Muslim Ban in the U.S. came almost simultaneously with the passage of a law in Israel banning the entry of individuals who call for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) of Israel or its settlements. Both the U.S. and Israel are closing their borders to execute a racist, anti-democratic agenda. This will only fortify the common cause among social justice advocates in the U.S. and the Palestinian freedom movement globally.

Palestine Legal stands behind these movements for justice, freedom and equality, and will continue to resist efforts to stifle them, together with our allies.

For new information and guidance on the implications of Muslim Ban 2.0, and other materials to protect your rights and take action, see the resources below.  

New resources:

Know Your Rights:

Who to Call:

What to Do:

  • Join actions around the country to protest.

  • See how your senators and governors have responded, and let them know your demands.

  • Connect, build, organize, and unite in resistance to efforts to undermine our constitutional and human rights. See CCR’s compilation of links and resources here.

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