Doubling down, together

What a Trump presidency will mean for Palestine advocacy  

Palestine Legal’s work reminds us every day that we are vulnerable. Our movements for social justice, and the individuals within them, have targets on our backs. Today, we are especially sensitive to the fact that the gains we've made for racial, economic and gender justice, immigrant rights and human rights, are on the line.

Palestine Legal resolves today, and every day, to stand resolute against the forces of racism, misogyny, Islamophobia, antisemitism, xenophobia and jingoism. We will double down in our work to protect the right to stand for justice.

Palestine advocates, and all of those who work and have worked day-in and day-out for social justice, domestically and abroad, have always understood how long the road is, and how deeply entrenched the injustices are.

While we don’t know exactly what to expect, we do know that Palestine advocacy will continue to be in the cross-hairs under a Trump presidency. His surrogates have pledged to go after Palestine advocacy on campuses, threatening Department of Justice investigations into student groups supporting Palestinian rights. And we expect that communities of color, including Arabs and Muslims, will be among the first victims of the racialized targeting that Trump has unashamedly championed.

So we at Palestine Legal recognize that our work is as important as ever. We renew our commitment to protecting freedoms that have been hard won, to defending those under attack, and to ensuring that the voices of people long silenced are heard loud and clear.

There will be more protests and more attacks. There will be more and harder work to do. We’ll be there, and we know you’ll be there too, never silent, and always speaking truth to power.