Media Spotlight on 'The Palestine Exception'

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We are pleased to share the extensive media coverage of our report, The Palestine Exception to Free Speech: A Movement Under Attack in the US, released last Wednesday in partnership with the Center for Constitutional Rights.

You can view the Report and related materials, including our newly published Fact Sheet, on our website here.


Press Highlights

The Nation, October 8, Major Report Exposes Insidious Campaign Against Pro-Palestine Activists on US Campuses (OpEd by Radhika Sainath)

Democracy Now!, October 7, Does Free Speech Have a Palestine Exception? (Interview with Professor Salaita and CCR's Maria LaHood)

The Real News, October 4, Reports Expose Zionists Stifling Dissent on US Campuses (Interview with Dima Khalidi and Judith Butler)

AJ+ Video, October 2, Palestine - The Exception to Free Speech in the U.S.? (Ft. Interview with Dima Khalidi)

Huffington Post, October 2, We Will Not Be Silenced: Resisting Repression of Student Activism for Palestine (OpEd by Omar Zahzah, Palestine organizer and PhD student)

Inside Higher Ed, October 1, A Suppression Campaign? 

The Guardian, September 30, Pro-Israel groups targeting Palestinian organizations in US, report finds

Aljazeera America, September 30, Report: Anti-Semitism charges used to curb pro-Palestinian campus speech

Haaretz, September 30, Pro-Palestinians Accuse Israel Advocates of Muzzling Dissent on U.S. Campuses

teleSUR, September 30, Israel Backers Accused of 'Stifling Dissent' in US Universities

Other Media Coverage

Mondoweiss, October 20, Defend Our Dissent: Preserving Palestinian rights activism on campus

Michael Slate Show, October 16, The Palestine Exception to Free Speech, (Interview with Liz Jackson)

Law and Disorder, October 12, Podcast Interview with Dima Khalidi,

Politics and Reality Radio, October 10, Podcast Interview with Dima Khalidi,

KPOO's Arab Talk Radio, October 8, The Palestine Exception to Free Speech (Video interview with Liz Jackson)

Alternet, October 7, A New Report Shows That the Palestinian Movement is Under Attack in the US

Unauthorized Disclosure, October 4, Podcast: Dima Khalidi of Palestine Legal on 'Palestine Exception to Free Speech'

Jadaliyya, October 3, The Palestine Exception to Free Speech: A Movement Under Attack in the US

Truthout, October 2, Are Pro-Israel Bullies on US Campuses Planning Dirtier Tactics? 

The Record, October 1, Report: Free-speech clashes rise on U.S. campuses over Israel-Palestinian conflict

SunSentinel, October 1, National: Free Speech Clashes Rise on Campuses

IVN, October 1, The BDS Movement: A Struggle for Pro-Palestinian, Muslim, and Jewish Citizens 

Daily Sabah, October 1, Palestine: An exception to free speech

Arutz Sheva, October 1, Pro-Palestinians Accuse Israel Advocates of 'Stifling Dissent'

Middle East Monitor, September 30, New reports: Palestinian rights advocates under attack in the United States

CommonDreams, September 30, How US Colleges Have Become Ground Zero for Suppression of Palestine Solidarity

Electronic Intifada, September 30, Report reveals 9 Israel lobby tactics to silence students

Defending Dissent, September 30, The Palestine Exception to the First Amendment

ShadowProof, September 30, Report Examines Widespread Attacks on Palestinian Human Rights Activists on College Campuses  

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, September 30, 2 pro-Palestinian groups: Israel advocates threaten free speech on campus