FAQ on the Legality of Boycott and Divestment

credit: UAW

credit: UAW

FAQ in Response to Baseless Legal Threats Against UC Graduate Student Union UAW Local 2865

As University of California graduate student workers and members of Local UAW 2865 prepare to vote this Thursday December 4 on a boycott and divestment resolution, it is no surprise that the union faces baseless legal threats. Palestine Solidarity Legal Support offers this FAQ on the Legality of Boycott and Divestment in response to some of the most frequent claims.

The threats are similar to those leveled against the American Studies Association (ASA) and student groups. The allegation that a principled position in support of boycott and divestment is somehow “illegal” is designed to intimidate and silence critics of Israel. Baseless legal accusations appear repeatedly as a reason for why people should oppose boycott and divestment, and as a distraction from debate about the real human rights issues at stake.

The union’s proposed resolution calls for an end to U.S. military aid to Israel and calls on the University of California and the UAW International union to divest their resources from companies complicit in severe and ongoing human rights violations of Palestinians. The resolution also asks voting members to take a voluntary individual pledge to honor the academic boycott.

In this FAQ, Palestine Solidarity Legal Support reaffirms that the union’s resolution falls squarely within the type of political and human rights boycotts that the Supreme Court has determined are protected under the First Amendment.