Mock Eviction Actions Preparation Checklist!

Are you planning a mock eviction action to raise awareness on Israel's policy of demolishing Palestinian homes? Pro-Israel students, groups and alumni donors can’t deny Israel’s record of human rights abuses, so they’re increasingly resorting to behind-the-scenes pressure as well as open campaigns calling on universities to punish speech supporting Palestinian rights. Before you pass out flyers, check out these important tips in our pre-action checklist! It will give you things to consider as you plan your action, and help deal with false accusations from pro-Israel groups, students and media outlets regarding your educational leafleting.

Contact us (for free!) before, during or after your events or actions if you have a question.Whether you are hosting an event on Gaza or distributing facts on Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, you are engaging in a long tradition of free speech on U.S. college campuses that deserves protection.

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