Professor Salaita calls for Reinstatement

Credit: Jeffrey Putney

Credit: Jeffrey Putney

CCR Press Release: Prof. Salaita breaks the silence, calls on UIUC to reinstate his position

Prof. Steven Salaita spoke today for the first time about his termination from a tenured faculty position at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign (UIUC) over personal tweets critical of Isarel's massacre on Gaza this summer.  At the press conference, Salaita, with representation from the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), called on the University Board of Trustees to reinstate his position.  The press conference took place after a student walkout in protest of Salaita's termination.

As hard as this situation is on me personally, the danger of the University’s decision has farther reaching implications. Universities are meant to be cauldrons of critical thinking; they are meant to foster creative inquiry and, when at their best, challenge political, economic, or social orthodoxy. - Prof. Steven Salaita

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