CCR Opposes IL Anti-Boycott Resolution

Credit: Reuters

Credit: Reuters

CCR Submits Statement to IL Senate Judiciary Committee on Anti-Boycott Resolution, Joins ACLU-IL in Opposition

The Center for Constitutional Rights today submitted a here to the Illinois State Senate Judiciary Committee opposing Senate Joint Resolution 59, which condemns all academic boycotts, and urges universities to do the same.  A hearing on SJR 59 is scheduled today at 4pm in Springfield, IL. The letter from CCR states that "Faculty members and students, not legislators or administrators, should determine the content and form of their own academic expression in a forum that is intended to be a 'marketplace of ideas.'"  Pointing to the targeting of and threats against academics that support an academic boycott of Israel, it concludes that "The Illinois legislature should not contribute to this veritable blacklisting of individuals for the constitutionally protected views they hold."

The ACLU of Illinois is also opposing SJR 59, as it opposed SB 3017, which would impose financial penalties on universities that subsidize faculty associations with organizations like the American Studies Association that support academic boycotts of Israeli institutions.  SB 3017 has not yet been called for a hearing, but there is still a chance that it will be voted on this legislative session.

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