Palestine Legal works with a network of organizations, attorneys and advocacy groups to respond to requests for legal and advocacy assistance, and to document incidents of suppression. We will coordinate with this network to provide you with the best possible pro-bono (free) legal advice, representation or referral, when it is within our Scope of Services. We reserve the right to refuse services based on our Refusal of Service Policy.

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Contact us if you:

  • Face attempts to shut down, smear or hamper your activism

  • Believe your First Amendment rights to organize and protest have been violated

  • Need legal advice about BDS or other campaigns

  • Experience verbal or physical intimidation

  • Experience different treatment than other student groups on campus

  • Have questions about your rights to organize solidarity actions


Scope of Services

We provide limited legal services to Palestine solidarity activists and academics, including advocacy support, representation, and legal resources.  Because our capacity is limited, we try to refer activists to experienced attorneys when possible.  


Refusal of Service Policy

Palestine Legal and its partners are not obligated to represent all prospective clients.  We may decline to provide services if: 

  • The identity of a prospective client is uncertain (for example, if a prospective client refuses to identify herself, fails to provide sufficient detail confirming her identity, or the attorney suspects that the prospective client is not who she purports to be).

  • A prospective client does not contact us herself, but through a third-party purporting to represent her.

  • A prospective client requests services that conflict with or exceed our scope of work or mission.

  • A prospective client has a conflict of interest with former, current, or other prospective clients of Palestine Legal and affiliated attorneys.

  • For any other reason, Palestine Legal and affiliated attorneys are unable to offer legal services.