Updated April 16, 2019


  • HB 493

    • What it does:

      • In March 2019, Montana lawmakers introduced a bill that would create a state-sponsored blacklist of companies that boycott Israel and territories under its control and would require the state board of investments to divest or sell their holdings in any of these blacklisted companies.

      • A similar bill was introduced and failed to pass in 2017.

    • Read the bill: HB 493


  • Members of Helena Service for Peace and Justice, the Montana Coalition for Palestine, and others organized to defeat HB 501.

  • HB 501 proposed creating a state blacklist of for-profit entities that boycott Israel, and requiring the state to divest from blacklisted entities. It also proposed prohibiting public entities from contracting with for-profit entities unless those entities certify that they do not boycott Israel.

  • Read the bill: HB 501