Updated April 16, 2019


  • SB 143

    • What it does:

      • On March 25, 2019, the governor signed SB 143 into law. The law prohibits state governmental bodies from entering into contracts with contractors unless they certify that they are not and will not engage in “the boycott of a person or an entity based in or doing business with a jurisdiction with which Kentucky can enjoy open trade.” The law excludes individual contractors, those with fewer than 5 employees, and contracts that are valued at less than $100,000.

      • The fact that the Kentucky law does not apply to individuals or contracts valued at less than $100,000 may reduce the number of individuals affected by it, but will not resolve the law’s underlying constitutional issues.

    • Read the bill:


In November 2018, Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin signed an Executive Order requiring contractors with the state to sign a pledge that they don't participate in boycotts of Israel. Bevin said during the signing that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu personally asked him to sign such a measure.


The Kentucky legislature had previously considered two bills prohibiting state contracts with companies engaged in boycotts for Palestinian rights and divesting from companies that that boycott Israel. Neither bill passed.